Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Old Fried Chicken

How sweet, a wheel of chicken legs, all washed rinsed and ready to go. Why chicken legs, they are usually cheap, they cook quickly and who doesn't like food with a built in handle? Everyone loves fried chicken, I know, it is not the best food choices for those watching calories and fat grams, but fried chicken once in a while is not a bad thing, it;s only bad if you use the grease to make cream gravy and add a big blob of mashed potatoes on the side. But hey, you only live once, go for it, make some fried chicken tonight, you know you want the left overs in the fridge for a late night snack, right? Love to you all!!

The line up, all purpose flour, Lawry's Seasoning, if you want to, pepper, vegetable oil and of course chicken, make sure it is patted dry completely before flouring and frying or you will have a grease bomb explode in your kitchen.
In a medium to large skillet, better if it has a nice heavy bottom, add enough oil to bring level to almost midway. I use vegetable oil, sometimes canola if it is on sale. Just keep an eye on it, it can heat very quickly and catch on fire if left alone. also, please make sure no children or small animals or older folks are near-by to get burned. When cooking something in fat, you need to stay right with it, this is not the time for a bubble bath or to weed whack the lawn.
I lightly sprinkled the chicken with the Lawry's Seasonings before I hit it with the flour, this is a new toy and I am kind of liking the added flavor of the Lawry's. I did not add any more salt to the chicken, only pepper.
After dredging the chicken into plain old all-purpose flour, put into the hot oil, just be careful not to burn your fingers and please don't allow children near the stove due to the very hot oil and some times popping chicken, due to moisture pockets with in the skin.
After placing the floured chicken in the hot oil, I pepper mine with coarse ground pepper, I am not so stuffy that I think I need to turn a pepper grind to be a great cook, a big old bottle of coarse ground will do for me.
Make sure you get a good scald on the chicken, this means to brown at a high heat and turn, continue to brown for a couple of minutes, then when you have a good crust set, lower the heat to medium and put a snug fitting lid on the skillet and let it cook, you will need to turn ever so often, but always replace lid, this helps to steam the chicken to keep it moist. The chicken will need to cook all in total at least 30-45 minutes, depending on how big the pieces are.

Good Granny's drawers, this chicken is near perfect, lightly floured, golden brown, juicy and crispy at the same time. If you think you can't fry chicken, think again. Start with frying chicken legs or wings, they are smaller and easier to handle. Frying chicken is just like making biscuits, the more times you make it the better you get. Hope you love this good old fried chicken recipe, I have fixed it this way for almost 30 years and it works every time. Love to you all!

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