Monday, February 9, 2009

Chicken; Every Which Way But Loose

I am offering for your entertainment tonight, chicken 3 ways. I decided to do chicken several ways and I bought a package of legs and a package of cut-up, breast and thighs. It totaled up to about $7.00. I decided to make several things to show the versatile style of the chicken. I am actually going to do another chicken receipe tomorrow, a chicken and grape salad that my daughter has been wanting to know. I also decided to make a risotto, I never have and all these new cooking shows have the cooks making this and they all act like it was a major undertaking to make risotto. So, I made some and frankly for my first try it was pretty darn good. I'm sure the chef from Hell's Kitchen would have found fault with it, but for a mealy mouthed cook like me, I did an ok job. I am really having fun rediscovering the joys of cooking, now my big problem is a lot of food in the fridge and not many to eat it. Love to you all!!

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