Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sorry For The Lack Of Communication

I haven't blogged on this site since March 1. Shortly after that date I developed a horrible case of pink eye in both eyes, and cooking with a highly contagious disease is not so much fun. Then I changed my work schedule and worked more hours for my upcoming surgery on April 2. Well, I guess I was just silly to think I would have surgery and be able to do a lot of lovely blogging, but it just didn't happen. Today was the first day I cooked, really cooked something, not just warmed up a can of ravioli. I made chicken tortilla soup from scratch and it was so lovely. I promise I will post this asap, I wasn't thinking when I made it and when it was done and so good, I thought, Crap, I should have taken pictures of this. I promise as soon as I pick up more cheese, Milnot I will make this, I promise. Love to you all.